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What Essential Nutrients Do I Need?

Life is a complex self-sustaining process that continues to make biologists scratch their heads when it comes to figuring out how it all started. 🤔

Hum…That could be an interesting subject to dive into, but let me stick to the essential and let biologists continue figuring it out.😁

So let’s talk more about life’s self-sustaining ability, meaning that life can continue in a healthy state without outside assistance.

Even though we have various life forms on Earth –and maybe elsewhere🪐; all living forms have one thing in common. And that’s food!🍗 From bacteria to plants to fungi to you and me, we all need important nutrients that we get from the food we eat to get going.

Without these nutrients, we are jeopardizing our health and survival ability.

Now let’s stop being too generous and stick to what basic nutrients our species need to thrive in this survival game.

The Five Essential Nutrients

Red Meat illustration
Red Meat illustration

Think of proteins as the workhorses powering chemical reactions inside every cell in the human body. Proteins are required to build each muscle and help us with movement. They also play important role in hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and more.


Butter illustration
Butter illustration

Fats are often seen as bad boys and unhealthy, but in fact, they’re as important as other vital nutrients. They are involved in an array of integral processes, including mineral absorption, muscle movement, forming anti-inflammatory,  blood clotting, and building cells.


Bread illustration
Bread illustration

If the sun is life for Earth, carbs are energy for humans. The brain operates exclusively on energy provided by glucose – a basic sugar building block of complex carbohydrates. Carbs are stored as long chains and harvested for energy when we are fasting for long periods or involved in physical exercises.


Fish illustration
Fish illustration

Many bodily processes rely on vitamins –which are micronutrients– that play important roles. For instance, they help with energy-storing from foods, keep organs and nervous systems healthy, and power the immune system.

Salt bottle illustration
Salt bottle illustration

Like vitamins, minerals also play an important role in the key process of the body. They help regulate our metabolic activity and maintain proper hydration. They also aid in building and keeping our bones strong, and more.


So make sure you get enough of these important nutrients in your diets!




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